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I am … Old School Blogging

Just when I thought I’d not be able to get words on the page, I came across this month’s Old School Blogging prompt from co-hosts Elaine at The Miss Elaine-ous Life and Angela from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed. If you’d like to link up, copy the first two words of each sentence (because my blog style makes bold text invisible FTW!!), write away and link up on their sites. Here goes my attempt at writing again…


I am running on empty most days, but my tank is full on others.

I wonder if I’ll ever find a balance between the depths.

I hear that I’m aloof and hard to get to know.

I see why people think that, and I wish it were different.

I want to feel needed, to be a part of the crowd.

I am doing my best.


I pretend that I’m outgoing.

I feel invisible and easily forgotten.

I touch the keys, but rarely do the words in my head make it onto the screen.

I worry that I’ll never stop worrying what others will think and the words will never flow freely.

I cry only when necessary.

I am the portrait of smoke and mirrors.


I understand that wishing and doing are two completely separate things.

I say “screw ‘em all” and pour another glass of wine.

I dream of sun-drenched beaches with my family, far away from the daily grind.

I try to make the best of things despite things being way better than I make them out to be.

I hope that one day I’ll be content.

I am actually much happier than this piece makes me sound.


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