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Very important post – help me choose a rug

You guys, I need some serious help. We’ve been in this house three years and the only thing I’ve done is paint the front room red and  put some pictures on my living room wall. I do like my house, but I hate the color of my carpet. It’s off-white shag. Well, it’s mostly white […]

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Kicking off 2013: The friend project

As with most fads, I jump in about two years after they have peaked and faded. So that is why I find it fitting for me to start a new project for 2013. It’s been done, probably to death. But this is something important to me. It’s not a happiness project, or a fitness plan. […]

Bath salt zombies and ugly swingers

Since moving to the south side of the lake last year, Chuck and I have made some efforts to meet new people and make some new friends here. We’ve been pretty successful overall, but we are still looking for a solid crew with kids Ava’s age, who like to travel and do the same kinds […]