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Very important post – help me choose a rug

You guys, I need some serious help. We’ve been in this house three years and the only thing I’ve done is paint the front room red and ┬áput some pictures on my living room wall. I do like my house, but I hate the color of my carpet. It’s off-white shag. Well, it’s mostly white […]

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Our top 10 family quirks

Our little family of three is awesome. At least, I like to think so. With both Chuck and I working full time and our hectic schedules, work travel and Ava’s activities, it can be hard for us to connect as a family. But, through it all we have found our own ways to make sure […]

Space Shuttle Discovery

The end of an era

I don’t know if you are aware, but the space shuttle will never fly again after this year. Never. The fleet is being retired per President GW’s decree back in 2003. See, we were supposed to have a clear path and hardware to go back to the moon, on to Mars and beyond by now. […]