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I stopped blogging because of space

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Or in my case, space got in my way. Most of you who know me know that space rules my house. And by space I mean NASA, human spaceflight, rocket launches and all things spacey of that nature. CW and I have both spent our 20+ year careers […]

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A relationship carol

I had dinner with my aunt and uncle last week and we spent a good portion of our time talking about my messed up childhood and dilusional family. It really got me thinking about how I handle relationships and how my actions tie into how I was (or wasn’t) raised. The fact is, we are […]

Most excited kid at the dance recital - seriously

Average super what?

Playdates – every mom’s nightmare. Why, you ask? Well, because it can be a huge blow to your ego when you can’t book one for your little munchkin. Not being in on the birthday or playdate circuit is pre-school social suicide. Ava has a steady 1-2 friends who are open for playing any time of […]