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Very important post – help me choose a rug

You guys, I need some serious help. We’ve been in this house three years and the only thing I’ve done is paint the front room red and  put some pictures on my living room wall. I do like my house, but I hate the color of my carpet. It’s off-white shag. Well, it’s mostly white […]

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STS-135 Launch or Happy to Sad in 6 Seconds Flat

There’s crying, shockwaves and and annoying woohoo. It’s raw. Don’t judge me.

Apparently lawyer recruiters are sharks, too

Ok, I’m on a plane and there are some a-holes behind me talking just to 1) size each other up, or 2) just to hear themselves talk. They are both jerks. The chick keeps telling the guy “secrets” that she makes him promise not to share at the office. The guy keeps spewing ridiculous HR […]