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The one question you NEVER ask a woman

Scene: Hudson Books, Houston Hobby Airport, 5:30 a.m. (pre-coffee) “How far along are you?” the young girl behind the counter cooed at me. Five simple words that should bring so much joy. If I were actually pregnant.  “Wow.” It was all I could mutter. At first. And then the tirade started.  “Don’t ever ask anyone […]

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Oh the humanity

Every so often, I have a moment of realization that I’m human. There is a finite end to my linear existence. It’s scary. Many things trigger these thoughts, like fleeting memories of my childhood or thinking of Ava as a grandma someday. I sometimes think of those who have gone before me, too. There are […]

If you are ever at a loss for a gift for me - you will be right on the money with this.

Wino Wednesday: Your dream wine

This week we put a bid down on what could have been our dream house. It was enormous, in excellent condition, near great schools and near many of our new friends. It was also in foreclosure and on the market for 565 days. We figured there was no rush. When we got around to submitting […]