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I stopped blogging because of space

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Or in my case, space got in my way. Most of you who know me know that space rules my house. And by space I mean NASA, human spaceflight, rocket launches and all things spacey of that nature. CW and I have both spent our 20+ year careers […]

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Krewe of Rocckus and BTE beads

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Yes,  you heard me. Next to my wedding and Ava’s birth, I do believe that I have never had as much fun as I did this past weekend. Oh my gawd it was incredible. We spent Mardi Gras with the world’s most friendly band – Better Than Ezra. There’s a reason these guys have been […]


The one where I ran, but I didn’t want to leave

“Yes! Lets do dinner tonight,” I chimed. “I don’t have to catch my plane until 8:10 so we have plenty of time.” Clearly the words of a scatter-brained fool. Why? Because that was my arrival time. Sigh. This was the last day of the Type A Parent conference in Atlanta. My brain was on overload […]