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How I Write

When my friend Kristin sent me a message asking me to participate in this blog hop on the writing process, I looked around the room and said to myself, “Who? Me?” Yes, she meant me. Turns out, Kristin, who is uber successful in her own right, is extremely supportive of my writing and knows how […]

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Instead of real Paris, I went to party Paris for my bday/anniversary this year.

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.

I’m officially in my late 30′s. I think I’m ok with it. Maybe. Sort of. The saving grace of my incessant aging is that I’ve lived. When I say I’ve lived, I mean I feel like I have lived several lifetimes in my short 36 years. Every year on my birthday I take time to […]

Kicking off 2013: The friend project

As with most fads, I jump in about two years after they have peaked and faded. So that is why I find it fitting for me to start a new project for 2013. It’s been done, probably to death. But this is something important to me. It’s not a happiness project, or a fitness plan. […]