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How I Write

When my friend Kristin sent me a message asking me to participate in this blog hop on the writing process, I looked around the room and said to myself, “Who? Me?” Yes, she meant me. Turns out, Kristin, who is uber successful in her own right, is extremely supportive of my writing and knows how […]

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Yes, I know that isn't the San Diego Zoo.

Why I want to go to BlogHer ’11

I’m considering attending BlogHer ’11. I’ve been to many conferences for work, but never one for something I truly enjoy. Even though I’m new to this blogging thing, I really do like it. Of course, I stress about what to write all the time. Mostly I just think I sound repetitive or moronic. I’d probably […]

fork in the road

Too many irons, not enough fires

Do you ever feel like you are on the wrong path? Today, I feel like I’m running into Cheshire cats with multidirectional road signs everywhere. It’s not just one thing or another, either. It’s pretty much everything. I desperately want to be successful, but nothing I do ever does get to that point. The reason […]