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Very important post – help me choose a rug

You guys, I need some serious help. We’ve been in this house three years and the only thing I’ve done is paint the front room red and ┬áput some pictures on my living room wall. I do like my house, but I hate the color of my carpet. It’s off-white shag. Well, it’s mostly white […]

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So klassy - with a K.

I’m klassy – with a K

I hate throwing things away. I’m not a hoarder necessarily, I just respect the value of a dollar. Take my shoes for instance. I bought these little faux suede flats in the basement of some store on Broadway in NYC. In 2008. For $7. It was a steal and I totally love them. The problem […]

If you are ever at a loss for a gift for me - you will be right on the money with this.

Wino Wednesday: Your dream wine

This week we put a bid down on what could have been our dream house. It was enormous, in excellent condition, near great schools and near many of our new friends. It was also in foreclosure and on the market for 565 days. We figured there was no rush. When we got around to submitting […]