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Pregnant at 40: The hits just keep on coming

Getting pregnant at 40 is supposed to make me lucky. Well, that is at least what people say. But what they don’t understand is that, while getting pregnant wasn’t the hard part, dealing with unexpected health issues with the baby adds so much more to the story. When I turned 28, I panicked. I panicked […]


Who wouldn’t love her?

I miss Ava throughout the day. Our car rides home are where we reconnect and learn about what each other has done that day. I pick her up at her ridiculously loud daycare, where I always go to her locker and pick up her backpack while she wraps up whatever fun project she’s working on. […]


Why no Wino Wednesday?

This morning at the bus stop, Ava threw her arms around me and gave me a puzzled look. “Have you been eating a lot, mama?” she asked as she poked my stomach with her pointy little finger. I was dumbstruck. But she was right. I have been eating a lot. And drinking a lot of […]

Sense of Self

I am … Old School Blogging

Just when I thought I’d not be able to get words on the page, I came across this month’s Old School Blogging prompt from co-hosts Elaine at The Miss Elaine-ous Life andĀ Angela fromĀ Jumping With My Fingers Crossed. If you’d like to link up, copy the first two words of each sentence (because my blog style […]