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Pregnant at 40: The hits just keep on coming

Getting pregnant at 40 is supposed to make me lucky. Well, that is at least what people say. But what they don’t understand is that, while getting pregnant wasn’t the hard part, dealing with unexpected health issues with the baby adds so much more to the story. When I turned 28, I panicked. I panicked […]

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My eye twitch root-cause analysis

Remember that confidence I bragged about from two weeks ago? Yeah, pretty much down the toilet¬†because I had a revelation this morning. A minor one, but one just the same. I’m lonely. There, I said it. It is now out there in the open. I came to this conclusion because, for the past few days, […]

Where do you find your quiet?

It’s no secret that I’ve moved around a lot. My dad was some kind of ADD hippie nomad who never lived in the present. Because of this, we seemed to never spend more than eight consecutive months in any given location. When I was younger, I hated this lifestyle. I never stayed anywhere long enough […]