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Get your booty on down to the Type A-Parent Conference

* I am an official blog partner of the Type-A Parent Conference. There are affiliate links in this post that direct you to purchase your tickets to the conference. And you know how much I like money.* When I told someone I was going to the Type-A Parent Conference one time, they were all, "Oh, yeah, that fits your personality well."  I was kind of offended and flattered all at once. But then I explained that it really isn't just for Type-A personalities, it's for bloggers. It's actually the wo … [Read More...]

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A little blogging hiatus

Hi! Remember me? I blogged here back on May 7. And then I dropped the mic and walked out. At least that’s sort of how it feels. That post, back on May 7, is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. I wrote about being OK with what happened to me after LTYM. I said it […]

Dear person behind me in seat 6F

Dear person behind me in seat 6F, I understand you are tired. I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to make this flight today. I bet you did, too. And I understand that you are trying to sleep on a plane and getting comfortable is difficult. You may have had a hard night […]