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Summer musings

Before catching a flight to DC the other day, I spent some good time with Ava. We went to Target to buy her a new swimsuit because she is growing like a weed. We hit up our park in old town League City and played until the lovebugs and wasps scared her too much to stay. Over Hawaiian shaved ice, we talked about all kinds of things.

“Do you have good talks like this with daddy?”

“No, momma. Me and daddy do other fun stuff.”

“Oh, that’s cool.”

“Yeah, that’s the good thing about having a momma. You always have someone to talk to.”

That’s pretty much the nicest thing I’ve heard all week.


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Three forks in the road

She’s worth the world to me. I’d like to give her a brother or sister – I think. I don’t know really. There’s a lot I don’t know right now. At the end of November, my contract ends. I’ve been told by my customer that they are working to keep me on, but it doesn’t […]

The final shuttle launch

My place in history – the final launch of the Space Shuttle Program

It was warm. Not so warm that the humidity was overwhelming, though. And there was a nice, cool breeze off of the water. As I stood in that field, surrounded by hundreds of my peers and the national media, there was no where else on the planet I would have rather been. I scoped out […]