Blog Hiatus: A lot has happened in three months

Houston is getting a shuttle!

When I started blogging about 18 months ago, it really consumed me. Never had I found such an outlet for the thoughts and ideas that constantly clutter my head. I was welcomed into the blog community and ‘met’ some wonderful bloggers that inspired me in different ways. Things were going so well. Blogging was able to keep my attention span for longer than any other hobby I’ve ever had. But then life happened.

Right around mid-January my life began to reach a stress-level I hadn’t experienced in a very, very long time. Right on the heels of a BFF breakup was a marriage in trouble. While I won’t get into the (boring) details, I’ll just say that we are all good and in this together until death. Which, hopefully, won’t be at each one of our own hands while on a cruise ship one day. That was meant to be a joke…

In the midst of all of that was the final semester of my master’s program. I had procrastinated so much for so long that it all piled up on me. I spent the better part of February and March finishing the book and my thesis. I graduated last weekend. It was a non-event, but the party afterwards was one of the best we’ve ever thrown. There were only about 20-25 people, but I can honestly say that I genuinely like or love each and every one of them. No drama, no crazy and we all had an amazing time.

I also had to travel for work in April. What an awesome blog that would have made. I got to go to the biggest space nerd conference: the National Space Symposium. The week consisted of a nine hour meeting about space exploration, drinking at the Golden Bee, drinking champagne and schmoozing in the exhibit hall, getting to see Neil deGrasse Tyson in person and running into friends from the Air Force that I haven’t seen since at least 1997. It was amazing. Did I mention that I got to see Neil deGrasse Tyson?? I almost died.

Ava also graduated. From pre-K. We went to Kindergarten Roundup and saw her new school, met the principal and a few of her potential teachers. We are all pretty excited about this new step. I even joined the PTA. I’m sure I’ll have tons to blog about that move. Ha!!

And here we are on the verge of June already. Next weekend, Houston gets their space shuttle and I get to be a part of the event for work. Yes, it’s a mock-up that has never flown in space. But while people in LA, NYC and Florida get to gaze at their shuttles behind velvet ropes, you get to climb up and see inside the one in Houston. Very cool.

I hope to get back into my bloggy groove, bring back Wino Wednesdays, meet some more bloggers and have fun with all of this again. Talk to you again real soon!


  1. Wow. Congrats. Good luck… And i don’t understand why you haven’t written! Duh! Good luck, were here for you when you have a few minutes! Cool! 🙂
    tere recently posted..lazy

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